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Jimmy Kimmel Ask's Common about his Gold Study 001

I returned to Los Angeles on Thursday to get a video text from a friend on the east coast with a clip from this interview where Jimmy Kimmel decided to ask Common about his Gold Study 001 and the image he posted on his instagram of them prior to winning his Oscar.  Watch to hear the full story about the art and his experience as a ball boy for the Bulls as a child.   Thank you Common and Jimmy Kimmel for the love!   

Common Oscar Gold Jordan 1's

I recently did a private commission as a gift to honor Common's Oscar nomination. It's an honor to have my art be associated with a true legend like @common on such big night as the Oscars. I created these as a pre Oscar gift from Mr. @jahajohnson . This man is one of greatest and truest artists of our time, never conforming to please the corporate monsters or pop culture. One of the few artists that has continually stayed conscious to the power of his art and used it to spread his message, educate and shed light on issues that effect us all. This Oscar win couldn't have come to a better artist for a better film and only supports the fact that he continues to take his art to new levels. Congratulations @common and @johnlegend. Thank you for always inspiring and using your art for the greater good.