Matthew Senna is a conceptual artist and designer living in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles based mixed media artist, Matthew Senna, combines his everyday experiences and explores the narrative behind socio-cultural issues to create exceptional pieces of work that incites thought and sparks emotion through beauty, story-telling, and truth. Senna’s work tells the stories of everyday objects and the cultural impact they have on society, which has garnered both passionate fans and critics alike.

Born and raised in North Plainfield, New Jersey with deep family roots spread throughout the area, Senna was instilled at an early age the importance of community, loyalty to a nation, and the impact one can have on the people around them. The open-mindedness of his parents allowed him to grow up in an environment where his choices were valued and supported, which lead Senna to attend Kean University in Union, New Jersey where he was later the 2016 keynote speaker for the “Thinking Creatively” Conference.

In 2012, he began work on his first bronze series titled “Higher Learning”, which explored culturally iconic objects such as Air Jordans. The series gained notability in the art world and entertainment industry with artists like Usher, Drake, DJ Khaled, Jay-Z, and Golden Globe Winner, Common - who was asked about Senna’s work on Jimmy Kimmel Live in March 2015. Shortly after, Senna made his international debut in Shanghai, China in collaboration with Clot. Senna followed up with his first exhibition in Atlanta, GA titled “Higher Learning” where he debuted “Study 001”, giving viewers a chance to hold the piece in an intimate and exclusive setting. In November of 2015, Senna presented his largest collection to date, in a dual show alongside painter Wes Lang at 3125C galleria in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

In April of 2016, he was featured as one of the “Masters of Air” at the Air Max Con in New York City. That same year, Senna held his first solo exhibit titled “Nowhere to go but up” in Paris, France followed by his first debut in Milan, Italy. In September 2016, Senna held his second solo exhibit in Los Angeles, California titled “Study Session 001” where viewers were taken through a multi-room interactive experience, dedicated to the innocence of dreaming as a child.

Senna continues to evolve his work and story through experimentation of material, subjects, and experience, showcasing his pieces in national and international shows. His focus in art, is to create pieces of elegance and uniqueness, with intricate and profound stories behind each.